Office of the State Climatologist, University of Georgia, Georgia

Data Center Description
The Georgia State Climatology Office is housed in the University
of Georgia, within the Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Department (BAE). Historically, state climatologists were
federal employees of the National Weather Service until the
1970's, when funding was taken over by individual state
agencies. Currently, the Georgia State Climatology Office has
two full-time climatologists.

The purpose of the State Climatology Office is to provide
climate information to all interested users of historic or
long-term weather data, to monitor current climate conditions
around the state, and to conduct research into topics related to
Georgia's weather and climate. We provide outreach and service
to private citizens, the media, educators, scientists,
businesses, and government agencies throughout the state. We do
not charge for our services unless there is a significant amount
of analysis involved, but we may also refer some requests to
other data vendors who do require payment for their work.

David Emory Stooksbury, the State Climatologist, is an assistant
professor in Engineering and is the graduate coordinator of the
Atmospheric Sciences Program on the UGA campus. He is also the
Secretary-Treasurer for the American Association of State
Climatologists (AASC).


[Summary provided by the Georgia State Climatology Office]