Department of the Environment, Maryland

Data Center Description
The mission of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is to
protect and restore the quality of Maryland's air, land, and water
resources, while fostering economic development, healthy and safe
communities, and quality environmental education for the benefit of
the environment, public health, and future generations.


1. Ensure that the Air is Safe to Breathe
2. Ensure that Marylanders are not Exposed to Unnecessary Levels of Radiation
3. Ensure Safe Drinking Water
4. Reduce the Threat to Public Health from the Presence of Hazardous Waste and
5. Hazardous Materials in the Environment
6. Ensure that Water is Clean and Safe for Harvesting of Fish and Shellfish
7. Improve and Protect Maryland?s Water Quality
8. Ensure Adequate Protection and Restoration of Maryland's Wetland Resources
9. Protect and Maintain Maryland?s Natural Resource Land Base and Encourage
10. Smart Growth and Community Revitalization
11. Prevent Pollution and Increase Compliance Assistance
12. Support and Promote Agency Diversity
13. Improve Regulatory Customer Services Through Regulatory Reform and Permit
14. Maximize Human Resources
15. Utilize Information Technology to Optimize and Enhance Environmental and
Administrative Operations
16. Assure Public Participation and Stakeholder Involvement
17. Improve the Budget Process, Fiscal Management and Accountability


[Summary provided by the MDE.]