Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Department of Fish and Game

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Today's demand on MarineFisheries to address fisheries policy, fisheries science, and environmental protection has never been greater than at any other time in the 70-year history of the agency. Management of Northeast groundfish stocks, a $100 million (ex-vessel) industry with half the landings occurring in Massachusetts, is in the world spotlight as it faces the country's most complex fisheries management test. New regionally-based regulations about to come online for our $70 million American lobster fishery include controversial changes that will reduce effort and limit fishermen's options as to what waters they could fish. Mandates to comply with dozens of other interstate fishery management plans, to provide habitat protection, to manage our shellfish industry in compliance with strict national and international public health guidelines, to restore our anadromous fishery resources and manage local fisheries, and to conduct numerous other agency tasks continue to grow and escalate in priority every day.

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