State Climatologist, Pennsylvania

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[Source: The Pennsylvania State Climatologist home page]

State Climatologist program was orphaned by the Federal Government in 1973 during budget reductions in that recession. Since that time, every state has reestablished their State Climatologist, with Pennsylvania finally filling this vacancy after more than two decades. In cooperation with the National Weather Service's Central Pennsylvania Forecast Office and the National Climate Data Center (Asheville, NC), the Pennsylvania State Climatologist will be providing detailed climatic information, primarily for Pennsylvania in a timely manner. Some national and international climatic data is also available. Since more than twenty years have passed since this office lastserved Pennsylvanians, some data is more readily available than others. It is the goal of this office to connect you with the best data source as quickly as possible (including occasional direction to sources outside of this office). This page is ever evolving, so watch for updates and new products that will be available through the Pennsylvania State Climatologist.

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