Water Supply, Department of Environmental Conservation, Agency of Natural Resources, Vermont

Data Center Description
The Water Supply Division of the Vermont Department of
Environmental Conservation supplies critical information and
manages the water supply for the region. The water supply
programs include the

1. Critical Infrastructure Protection Information

2. Permit, Certification & License Application Forms
and Information

3. Water System Capacity Development Section Programs

4. Well Driller and Well Location Program

5. Source Water Protection Program

6. Water System Operators Information

7. Drinking Water Quality Information

Users can contact the Water Supply Division at"

103 South Main Street, Old Pantry Building
Waterbury, Vermont 05671- 0403
phone: 802-241-3400
toll-free in VT: 800-823-6500
fax: 802-241-3284

Website: http://www.vermontdrinkingwater.org/