Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Italian National Research Council, Italy

Data Center Description
The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) is part
of the National Research Council (CNR) and conducts pure and
applied research on atmospheric sciences and the climate
system. The mission within CNR is to improve our knowledge of
the atmospheric and climate processes of the planet Earth and at
the same time to produce results directly transferable to the
Italian society and generally beyond the national borders.

A strong commitment concerns the education and training of young
scientists as a way to push forward the research frontier and to
meet the nation's expectations on youg generations. This is
achieved by means of robust bonds with Universities in Italy and

The Institute strives to improve the overall quality of Italian
science in the field by intensifying national and international
collaborations, contributing to and coordinating top-level
science projects, and participating to the management of the
activities of international organizations through its

ISAC's scientists are urged to disseminate research results as
widely as possible. A top concern is to increase the public
awareness of atmospheric and climate science impacts on the
society at large. Teaching classes at several universities,
giving seminars and writing popular science articles are among
the encouraged activities to reach this goal.

Results and visions from the research are meant to be of
substantial help to decision makers in several fields from
weather forecasting to risk management, from climate change to
sustainable development, and many more.


[Summary provided by the ISAC.]