European Forest Institute

Data Center Description
The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an independent
non-governmental organization that conducts forest research in
Europe, compiles forest information, and organizes meeting on a
European scale.

EFI Regional Project Centers respond to the need to give
expression to regional or topic research needs - without
compromising the European dimension.

The first Regional Project Centers started at the beginning of 2000 in

Solsona and
St. Petersburg
At the beginning of 2001, three new Regional Project Centers have started in

Vienna and


EFI Secretariat:
EFI Publications:

Program Managers of research priority areas:

Forest Ecology and Management
Marcus Lindner -
Forest Products Markets and Socio-Economics
Andreas Ottitsch -
Policy Analysis
Ilpo Tikkanen -
Forest Resources and Information
Andreas Schuck -


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