Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan

Data Center Description
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) responsible for
contributing to the improvement of public welfare including
natural disaster prevention and mitigation, safety of
transportation, prosperity of industries, and international
co-operation activities.

The major activities are: (i) to issue warnings, advisories and
forecasts in short-range, one-week and long-range; (ii) to deal
with the global environmental issues such as global warming and
ozone depletion; (iii) to provide information on earthquake and
volcanic activities.

Since more comprehensive meteorological information is
increasingly required in the development of our socio-economic
system, JMA has been making every effort in improving the
forecasts, in facilitating the climate-related activities, and
in making the tsunami and earthquake prediction systems

Website: http://www.kishou.go.jp/

[Summary provided by JMA]