National Astronomical Observatory, Japan

Data Center Description
The National Astronomical Observatory, Japan, (NAOJ) is an
inter-university research institute that aims to promote the
advancement of astronomy, astrophysics, and the related fields
of science. As a core research institute for these fields, NAOJ
closely cooperates with universities and supports researchers
and students throughout Japan, as well as hosts international
cooperation at various levels.

NAOJ operates several facilities with unique and high-level
telescopes in Japan and at overseas sites for various
observational research projects including optical and infrared
observations, millimeter and sub-millimeter wave astronomy, VLBI
(Very Long Baseline Interferometer), gravitational wave
detection, etc. We also pursue the development of new
instruments and future observational technology, theoretical
research by using high-speed computers, the education of
graduate students of the Graduate University for Advanced
Studies and many other universities, and the promotion of public
understanding of science.


[Summary provided by National Astronomical Observatory, Japan.]