Geological Survey of Norway, Norway

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NGU shall actively contribute to ensuring that geoscientific knowledge is utilised for the effective and sustainable management of the nation's natural resources and environment. NGU's expertise can also be used in development aid projects. As a research-based agency, NGU also advises other ministries concerning geoscientific matters.

NGU's main tasks are to collect, process and distribute knowledge of the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of the country's bedrock, surficial deposits and groundwater. In its work, NGU shall emphasise users needs for:

The construction, operation and maintenance of national databases and map series for geological properties and processes.
Geological mapping of Norway's onshore and offshore areas.
Applied research and method development.
Consultancy and information.
In 2008, NGU had a turnover of NOK 208 million, of which NOK 140 million was awarded through the state budget via NHD. The remainder was financed externally through co-financing projects and fully financed projects.

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