Department of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

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The strategy of the Department of Biology is to understand biological processes of life to preserve the environment. The Department has an interdisciplinary approach to education and research that is deeply rooted in environmental biology. The Department has academic and research activities in the following disciplines: molecular biology, cell biology, systems biology, plant physiology, zoophysiology, neurobiology, ethology, ecology, evolution, marine biology, aquaculture, biodiversity and environmental toxicology.

The focus is on fundamental biological research and the implications and use of this knowledge for society. We offer researchers and students an exciting working environment and modern facilities at the Science Building (Realfagbygget), and at Trondheim Biological Station and SeaLab. The Departments has several field stations, in Norway, in Svalbard and in Tanzania. The various research groups are also engaged in field studies the Arctic and the Antarctic, Africa, Europe, Australia.

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