Physical Oceanography Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Data Center Description
Scientists in the Physical Oceanography Research Division (PORD)
investigate the physics of the ocean. Some PORD researchers
study the large-scale circulation of the world's oceans or the
specifics of smaller environments such as the continental shelf,
marginal seas, straits, estuaries, or the surf zone of open
shorelines. Others examine the interaction between the ocean and
the atmosphere and the role of the ocean in the global climate
system. Theoretical studies range from classical fluid dynamics
problems to models of large-scale ocean circulation or the
atmospheric marine boundary layer. PORD scientists also develop
new sensors and measurement technologies for ocean studies--such
as autonomous drifters and bottom-pressure and electromagnetic
sensors--and new versions of acoustic Doppler current
profilers. Many PORD investigators hold joint appointments in
other areas at Scripps, which provide for cross-disciplinary
research and communication.

[Summary provided by PORD.]