Canada Centre For Mapping And Earth Observation, Earth Sciences Sector, Natural Resources Canada

Data Center Description

The Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) is internationally
recognized as a leading centre of excellence in the use of earth-
observation data, and supports an expanding industry sector
includingthe world leaders in global ground station, image analysis
and radar mapping markets. CCRS is responsible for the reception,
processing, archiving and dissemination of remotely sensed data for
Canada. In conjunction with the private sector, it develops remote
sensing technology and applications. CCRS, through its National Atlas
of Canada team, also works with indust ry to develop geospatial
information applications. CCRS is developing the Canadian Earth
Observation Network component of the Canadian Geospatial Data
Infrastructure to provide users with real-time access to remote
sensing satellite and other spatial databases, both land and ocean,
through the Internet.

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