National Institute of Oceanography, India

Data Center Description

The Indian National Oceanographic Data Centre (INODC) is an NODC within the
International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange System (IODE).
Archived IODC datasets are available as magnetic tape copies, formatted
printouts, data summaries, analysis and plots. Data files are sorted and can be
made available season wise, cruise wise, area wise, for various parameters. For
details, please refer to the Guidelines for the Distribution/Exchange of
Samples and Data, available at the above address.

List of Data Products Published by INODC

o Five volumes of Inventory Reports of stations and cruises
o Oceanographic Atlas of the Exclusive Economic Zone of India
o Data reports
o Oceanographic coverage status

For purchase, contact the Publications Section of INODC. For general
information, contact:

Indian National Oceanographic Data Centre (INODC)
Director, National Institiute of Oceanography,
Dona Paula, Goa
EPABX: 91(0832)-2450450
Grams : Oceanology, Panjim
Fax: 91(0832)-2450602 & 2450603
91(0832)-2456704 (Sp. Projects)