Deutsches Ozeanographisches Datenzentrum, Bundesamt Fur Seeschifffahrt Und Hydrographie, Germany

Data Center Description
The Deutsches Ozeanographisches Datenzentrum (DOD) is a National Oceanographic
Data Center (NODC) within the International Oceanographic Data and Information
Exchange (IODE) system. Archived DOD Datasets are available from DOD as copies
of specified datasets as well as individual or statistical values on magnetic
tape or disc. For the major global files, data are also available as formatted
printouts, data summaries, analyses and plots. This information are sorted by
cruise number and by a geographic grid system. Tape densities of 800, 1600 and
6250 b.p.i. and IBM-PC compatible floppy disc (5.25' low or high density) can
be handled. For detail information about data files, as well as products,
inventories and cost please contact the address below.


Deutsches Hydrographisches Institut (DHI)
Ozeanographisches Datenzentrum (DOD)

Chr. Brockmann, Director
Postfach 30 12 20 (P.O. Box)
Hamburg 36
Republic of Germany

Tel: (49) -40 - 3190 1 -Exchange
5202 (Chr. Brockmann, Director DOD)

Telemail: DHI.Hamburg
Fax: (040) 3190 - 5150
Telex: 211 138 bmvhh d