NERC Earth Observation Data Centre, Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom

Data Center Description

The British National Space Centre (BNSC) is undertaking the
development of a major ground segment facility to ensure that full
advantage is taken of the ERS-1 mission. This facility is called the
UK Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC).

The EODC is the national focus for the processing, analysis and
archiving of ERS-1 data. The EODC is situated within the existing
National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) at the Defence Research Agency,
Farnborough formerly the Royal Aerospace Establishment, and it is
likely that the EODC functions will eventually be handled through a
commercial company - National Remote Sensing Centre Limited. Products
and services will be provided to the user community on an operational
and commercial basis. EODC staff will undertake searches for users
unable to access the catalogue via communications links.

Full technical information on the UK's involvement in the ERS-1
programme and the user interface to the EODC is available from the
EODC Documentation and Information Service .

Contacts:EODC Documentation and Information Service,
EODC Project Office,
R16 Building,
DRA (Aerospace Division),
Hampshire, GU14 6TD
telephone:0252-24461 ex 80-144
fax: 0252 522959

All the data from the SAR image mode on the AMI are archived on HDDT
and the remainder of the ERS-1 data (the LBR) are archived on optical
disks. As well as the ERS-1 data many other data sets are
archived:generated geophysical products, calibration and validation
data, supporting data files (e.g. DTM's,world maps etc.), algorithms,
data analysis, reports, satellite schedules and orbit details,
product 'recipes' (definition of raw data, algorithms, data files and
calibration/validation data required to generate a particular

The EODC is funded by the British National Space Centre.