Superfund, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Years ago, people were less aware of how dumping chemical wastes might
affect public health and the environment. On thousands of properties
where such practices were intensive or continuous, the result was
uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites, such as abandoned
warehouses and landfills. Citizen concern over the extent of this
problem led Congress to establish the Superfund Program in 1980 to
locate, investigate, and clean up the worst sites nationwide. The EPA
administers the Superfund program in cooperation with individual
states and tribal governments. The office that oversees management of
the program is the Office of Superfund Remediation Technology
Innovation (OSRTI). This section of the Web site provides an overview
of the Superfund program, highlights key steps in the Superfund
cleanup process, guides users to enforcement information, lists EPA's
Superfund offices and partnership organizations, and provides answers
to frequently asked questions.


[Summary provided by the EPA.]