Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Long-Term Ecological Research Network Office

Data Center Description
The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study (HBES) is a long-term ecological
research project located at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
(HBEF), a 3,160 hectare reserve located in the White Mountain National
Forest, near North Woodstock, New Hampshire. The HBEF was established
by the USDA Forest Service in 1955 as a major center for hydrologic
research in New England.

"Research and Data" presents a description of long-term data sets and
the on-site research activities of the HBES. The on-site research
program is dedicated to the long-term study of forest and associated
aquatic ecosystems. The "Hubbard Brook Research Foundation" is a
non-profit organization established in 1993 to provide support for the
HBES and develop new initiatives linking ecosystem science and public
policy. "Educational Resources" contains information and activities
for middle and high school teachers and students.


[Summary provided by HBES.]