Virginia Coast Reserve, Long-Term Ecological Research Network Office

Data Center Description
The Virginia Coast Reserve Information System (VCRIS) research focuses
on the mosaic of transitions and steady-state systems that comprise
the barrier-island/lagoon/mainland landscape of the Eastern Shore of
Virginia. Primary study sites are located on Hog Island, Parramore
Island and mainland marshes near Nassawadox VA. The VCR/LTER maintains
a laboratory facility in Oyster, VA at:

20496 Seaside Road
Route 600, Oyster,VA 23419


PO Box 55,
Cheriton, VA 23316

The administrative headquarters of the VCR/LTER is at the
University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences
291 McCormick Road
P.O. Box 400123
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4123.


[Summary provided by VCRIS.]