Atmospheric Chemistry Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Data Center Description
The mission of the NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Division (ACD) is to
identify and quantify the natural and anthropogenic processes that
regulate the chemical composition of the troposphere and middle
atmosphere and to assess future changes caused by human
activities. Key to these questions is our understanding of:

1. the role of the biosphere in producing and consuming trace gases;

2.the importance of the chemical and photochemical processes occurring
in different atmospheric environments (e.g., remote free troposphere,
marine and continental boundary layers, urban atmosphere, stratosphere
and mesosphere, etc.); and

3. the role of transport processes connecting these environments
(e.g., large-scale advection, convection, stratosphere/troposphere
exchanges, and continental export). The perturbations associated with
population growth and economic development need also to be quantified.


[Summary provided by UCAR.]