Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch, Laboratory for Atmospheres, Earth Sciences Division, Science and Exploration Directorate, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

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The mission of the NASA Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch is to conduct research to understand the physics and dynamics of atmospheric processes through the use of satellite, aircraft and surface-based remote sensing observations and computer-based simulations. Development of advanced remote sensing instrumentation (primarily lidar) and techniques to measure meteorological parameters in the troposphere is an important focus. Key areas of investigation are cloud and precipitation systems and their environments from the scale of individual clouds and thunderstorms through mesoscale convective systems and cyclonic storms, and up to the scale of the impact of these systems on regional and global climate. The processes of the interaction of the atmosphere with the land and ocean surface beneath it are also of high priority. The Branch consists of approximately 81 people, including 21 civil servants, post-doctoral personnel and individuals associated with private companies. 42 Branch members have Ph.D.'s and most others have Master's degrees in the Atmospheric Sciences or related fields.

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