Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Department of Science and Technology, India

Data Center Description

The Institute was formally established under the UNDP?s Special Fund
Project as the Institute of Tropical Meteorology (ITM) at Pune on
November 17, 1962 as a distinct part of the India Meteorological
Department (IMD). On April 1, 1971, the Government of India gave it an
autonomous status with a new name as the Indian Institute of Tropical
Meteorology (IITM). The IITM functions under the Department of Science
and Technology, Government of India.


The Atmospheric Science has been recognised as an important area of
research due to its impact on various human activities, specially
agriculture and earth?s environment. Hence, the objectives of the
Institute are set forth to undertake and encourage research aimed at
advancing the present knowledge in Atmospheric Sciences by
identifying, planning, collaborating and conducting research
programmes on problems of national and international importance.


The IITM functions as a national centre for basic and applied research
in monsoon meteorology of the tropics in general with special
reference to monsoon meteorology of India and neighbourhood. Its
primary functions are to promote, guide and conduct research in the
field of meteorology in all its aspects.

Administrative Setup

A Governing Council, constituted by the Government of India and headed
by the Director General of Meteorology, is at the top of the
administrative structure for the Institute in an advisory capacity
overseeing the policy directions and related issues, while the
Director has executive functions with day-to-day administrative
control. The following are the members of the Governing Council
currently in charge:

1.Dr. R.R. Kelkar, Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological
Department (Chairman)
2.Prof. Sulochana Gadgil, Indian Institute of Science, Banagalore
3.Dr. G.B. Pant, Director, IITM
4.Dr. S.K. Dubey, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
5.Mr. V.K. Asrani, Administrative Officer, IITM (Non-Member

Line of Directors

1.Prof. P.R. Pisharoty
2.Prof. R. Ananthakrishnan
3.Dr. K.R. Saha
4.Dr. Bh.V. Ramana Murty
5.Mr. D.R. Sikka
6.Prof. R.N. Keshavamurty
7.Dr. G.B. Pant

[Text Extracted from the Indian Inst. of Tropical Meteorology Homepage]