Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve Archive, Evergreen State College

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Monteverde, Costa Rica has captured world-wide attention of
biologists, conservationists, and the nature-oriented public. The
diverse habitats, organisms, and interactions in primary and
human-affected landscapes of the Monteverde area have been
investigated for over 30 years. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve,
a private preserve administered by the Tropical Science Foundation,
protects 12,000 ha of primary montane cloud forest, fosters research
projects, and provides environmental education for over 40,000 Costa
Ricans and international visitors each year.

Over 125 ecologists, agriculturists, and educators have contributed to
the interest in natural history and ecology of the area by compiling
and synthesizing the existing pool of information and in so doing, to
motivate further research in ecology and conservation. Our major
objectives are to bring together the extensive body of knowledge that
researchers and natural historians have gathered; to point up
connections among the various research projects that have taken place;
to identify areas for future research areas; and to highlight research
that bears on conservation of the area.


[Summary provided by Evergreen State College.]

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