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The Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard
Medical School was founded in 1996 at Harvard Medical School to expand
environmental education at medical schools and to further investigate
and promote awareness of the human health consequences of global
environmental change. While the Center is involved in a number of
projects that address this area of inquiry, main ongoing, core
projects include the Center's course (see Course), our online
publication, The Bulletin (see Bulletin), our policy-maker education
programs (see Policy), media outreach (see Media) and secondary
education and general public programs.

The Center administers the course "Human Health and Global
Environmental Change" at Harvard Medical School. Taught by scientific
experts from around the world, the course is open to the public as
well as students from Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public
Health, and other university students in the Boston area. Via
videotape and online videos, the course has also been taught at
forty-seven medical, vetinerary or osteopathic schools, seven of which
are schools located outside the U.S. Click here to download a pdf for
information about using the course at your medical school.

The Center publishes an online publication entitled The
Bulletin. Authored by scientific experts in their respective fields,
The Bulletin summarizes in easy to understand language the latest
findings in the field of human health and global environment.

The Center also educates policy-makers on human health and the global
environment by holding briefings on Capitol Hill and by hosting a
two-day intensive course with experts in field of global environmental
change and human health for senior congressional staff.


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