Department of Energy Engineering, Hachinohe Institute of Technology

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The Department of Energy Engineering centers on the construction of
energy systems. Using appropriate technical knowledge, energy is
controlled, converted and utilized toward optimal application for
today's and tomorrow's societies. Energy engineering may be
characterized as an "integral technology" based on a combination of
the fundamental disciplines in engineering.

Objectives in Energy Engineering Education The primary educational
objective of the department is to enable students to study the both
sides of the traditional boundaries among the fields of mechanical,
electrical and chemical engineering. The Department of Energy
Engineering places a high priority on the studies of basic sciences
for engineering (including mathematics, physics and chemistry) as well
as the fundamentals of energy engineering (such as thermodynamics and
electrical circuit theory). We are to provide students with the
highest quality education possible, in order to help them become
productive engineers armed with a wide range of technical skills and


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