Department of Geology, Northern Arizona University

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The geology department at the Northern Arizona University is an undergraduate
and graduate educational program focusing on applied and fundamental research
on the Colorado Plateau and in the Grand Canyon, and extending broadly
throughout North America and internationally to South America, Europe,
Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. We generally averaged 150- 200
majors, over 100 being undergraduates, putting us in the upper 10% of Geology
Departments in the country in undergraduate majors enrollment. Our
undergraduate field studies are highly regarded; over 50% of our majors are
transfer students who come to NAU specifically to study geology. Our selective
graduate program admits approximately one third of the students who complete
applications, and averages 40-50 students. We offer the B.S. in Geology and the
M.S. in Geology for students interested in a career as a geologist, the B.S.
Ed. in Earth Science for students who wish to become Earth Science teachers and
the M.A.T. in Earth Science for Earth Science teachers who wish to pursue a
Masters of Arts in Teaching. We also offer a post-degree teacher certification
for people with Geology degrees who wish to obtain a teacher certification.


[Summary provided by Northern Arizona University.]

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