Integrated Plant Protection Center, Oregon State University

Data Center Description
The Integrated Plant Protection Center (IPPC) is organized to emphasize strong
interdisciplinary collaboration among the crop protection disciplines of
entomology, weed science, plant pathology, and pesticide chemistry/toxicology,
as well as related fields of crop science, horticulture, range management, and
forestry. IPPC is designed to facilitate delivery of information through a
variety of training programs in close conjunction with extension faculty. Its
staff actively participates in ongoing collaborative agroecological crop
protection research.

IPPC, under its current mandate, expands both the programmatic and geographic
scope of its long-running predecessor organization, the International Plant
Protection Center, chartered at Oregon State University in 1969.

The new IPPC functions as both a program facilitator and originator interacting
and collaborating with many institutions, organizations, and individuals. The
Center continues to maintain productive links with the 13-member Consortium for
International Crop Protection (CICP) and to serve as the Secretariat for the
International Weed Science Society.


[Summary provided by Oregon State University.]

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