Environmental Verification and Analysis Center, University of Oklahoma

Data Center Description
The Environmental Verification and Analysis Center (EVAC) at the University of
Oklahoma is a research unit of the College of Geosciences that focuses on
participation in interdisciplinary scientific work related to earth science,
with special emphasis on strengthening relationships among environmental
scientists and the public. This goal is accomplished through various science
and education programs which are global and regional in scope. They are
supported by many federal and state-funded projects that deal with
environmentally oriented topics. In addition to our general scientific research
topics, which include weather modeling and applied climate research, we are
involved in educational initiatives and data archiving.

Website: https://vpr-norman.ou.edu/centers-institutes/list/environmental-ver...

[Summary provided by the University of Oklahoma.]

Data Center URL
URL: https://vpr-norman.ou.edu/centers-institutes/list/environmental-verification-analysis-center