Indiana State Climate Office, Purdue University, Indiana

Data Center Description
[Text Source: Indiana State Climate Office, ]

The Indiana State Climate Office ( Iclimate ) is the state archive of official daily and hourly weather observations recorded throughout Indiana. Iclimate maintains an online archive of many recent daily and hourly observations from both manual and automated networks. Older observations are being converted to an online database as part of an ongoing national effort.

Iclimate was established in 1956 to document and study the climate of Indiana. Ever since, it has been catering to the needs of different users, namely individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Iclimate not only assists in providing climate observations and summaries but also interprets and applies this data to solve climate related problems at hand.

Primary users of Climate data belong to sectors such as agriculture, attorneys, construction, environmental monitoring, forensics, government insurance, news media, research, education and utilities.

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