Pacific Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

Data Center Description
The Canadian Forest Service (CFS), a sector of Natural Resources
Canada, is the primary federal agency with forestry expertise and
responsibilities. The CFS's mandate is &to promote the
sustainable development and competitiveness of Canada's forest sector
for the well-being of present and future generations of Canadians

Managing Canada's forests is a challenge as immense as the country
itself. Because Canada is so vast and its forests so diverse, forestry
policies and practices differ between provinces. While each province
is responsible for managing its forest resource, the Canadian Forest
Service addresses national and international issues affecting Canada's
forests as a whole.

Recognized worldwide for excellence in science and technology, the
Pacific Forestry Centre is one of five Canadian Forest Service
research and development centres committed to the sustainable
development and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector. The
Pacific Forestry Centre provides essential forestry research to secure
the social, economic and environmental value of the forest for future

The Pacific Forestry Centre, as part of the Canadian Forest Service,
is responsible for:

- enhancing Canada's forests and forest sector through the discovery,
development, demonstration and transfer of innovations;

- conducting and publishing research in the areas of forest resources,
forest protection, the forest environment, and wood utilization;

- providing technical advice and scientific information to clients;

- providing funding and technical services for forest management on
federal and Indian lands;

- generating sound economic information, statistics and advice; and

- addressing industry, trade and general international issues and
opportunities in support of the forest sector.

Working with the four other Canadian Forest Service centres and
national headquarters, the Pacific Forestry Centre is committed to
excellence in forest research. Through our efforts and those of our
partners, we are working to promote the responsible management of
Canada's forests.