European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change, European Environment Agency

Data Center Description
The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched a new European Topic Centre
on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC). This centre builds on the experience
gained by the former ETC's on Air Emissions and Air Quality. As compared to
these predecessors, the scope has been broadened by:

-the inclusion of the climate change issue
-an increased coverage of (integrated) assessment
-the geographical extension of the EU area.

The main task of ETC/ACC is to assist EEA in supporting EU environmental policy
and legislative frameworks and allow for adequate responses to emerging needs.
Such support is brought through improving monitoring and reporting and
integrated assessments. To this end the causality chain of environmental policy
making: Driving forces, Pressures, State, Impacts and Responses (DPSIR) is
analysed in a balanced way. The ETC/ACC activities are focused on the support
of two main policy processes and frameworks:

-climate change (ECCP, EU Monitoring Mechanism and UNFCCC), and
-air pollution (CAFE, and CLRTAP with its task forces such as TFEIP, TFMM and


[Summary provided by the European Environment Agency.]

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