Postharvest and Bioregulation Research Unit, Center for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology, ARS, U. S. Department of Agriculture

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The USDA Postharvest and Bioregulation Research Unit Center for Medical,
Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology conducts research aimed at reducing or
eliminating the harm caused by insects to crops, stored products, livestock and
humans. Research is directed not only at the insects themselves but at
pathogens they may transmit and at identifying inherent protective mechanisms
in plants.

The Center has five research units. Although each unit has specific goals,
there are several commonalities. CMAVE work emphasizes both control and
prevention. Effective prevention depends on developing rapid, sensitive
methods for detection and surveillance. Second, all our research includes a
basic component, because historically the best methods of protection come from
understanding how things work at the molecular level. Third, CMAVE work
emphasizes biological and integrated pest management techniques that put less
pressure on the environment and may be self-sustaining. Finally, all CMAVE
scientists strive to be both sensitive to the needs of American agriculture and
committed to transferring their discoveries to field as rapidly as possible.


[Summary provided by the USDA.]

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