Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

Data Center Description

The Canadian Forest Service (CFS, of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan),
is a key national research agency which provides both the scientific
basis and strategic direction for ensuring sustainability of our
forests. It conducts science and technology research to promote the
sustainable development and competitiveness of Canada's forest sector;
as well, it has mandates in policy, international affairs, economics
and trade, and aboriginal and federal lands. The CFS comprises five
national research centres, a headquarters office in Ottawa, and two
experimental research forests, the Petawawa Research Forest in Chalk
River Ontario, and the Acadia Research Forest outside of Fredericton,
New Brunswick.

The Atlantic Forestry Centre is one of the five CFS research
centres. It plays a vital role in regional and national forestry
research programs. Its facilities are located in both Fredericton, New
Brunswick and Corner Brook, Newfoundland. The Fredericton site, which
forms an integral part of the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre,
includes state-of-the-art research laboratories, a comprehensive
insect and disease collection facility, and a sophisticated
climate-controlled greenhouse/nursery complex. Researchers here are
investigating, among other things, new methods of pest management
(biological control), forest health, gene conservation to preserve
biodiversity, somatic embryogenesis and gene manipulation to improve
timber production, effects of air pollution and climate change, and
computer-based management planning tools for decision making.

The Corner Brook personnel are housed in the Sir Wilfred Grenfell
College Forest Centre. Research here focuses on elucidating forest
ecosystems, conserving the natural diversity of our forests,
maintaining and increasing their productive capacity, and providing
for their continued renewal. The latest remote sensing and geographic
information systems technologies are being developed to monitor change
and assess damagea.

Responsibility for the Acadia Research Forest, where permanent
research plots are located, rests with the Atlantic Forestry
Centre. As well, a presence is maintained in Truro, Nova Scotia to
provide policy input and client contact for both Nova Scotia and
Prince Edward Island.

In addition to the research programs, staff at the Atlantic Forestry
Centre are responsible for delivering the regional components of the
First Nations Forestry Program and the Model Forest Program.

The Atlantic Forestry Centre employs approximately 90 research and
technical staff and an additional 40 to 50 support and operational

Science and Technology Networks

The CFS science and technology program is delivered through ten
national networks. Each of the CFS research centres leads two or more
of these S&T networks. In cooperation with provincial and
territorial governments, industry, universities, First Peoples, public
interest groups and other forest sector stakeholders, the CFS networks
design and deliver research programs in strategic national and
international areas.

Through efficient pooling of expertise and resources, CFS and its
network partners contribute to the advancement of sustainable forest
management, specifically the development of best practices, for the
benefit of present and future generations.

The Atlantic Forestry Centre provides scientific and technical
leadership for the Forest Health Network and the Forest Biodiversity
Network. Regardless of their specific locations, the networks are
national and international in scope.

Although staff of the Atlantic Forestry Centre participate in most of
the CFS S&T network programs, the lead CFS establishments for the
eight other S&T networks are:

- Climate Change (Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton)

- Forest Ecosystems Processes Network (shared between the Laurentian
Forestry Centre, Sainte-Foy and the Ontario Forestry Centre, Sault
Ste. Marie)

- Effects of Forestry Practices Network (Pacific Forestry Centre,

- Forest Landscape Management Network (Pacific Forestry Centre,

- Fire Management Network (Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton)

- Pest Management Methods Network (Ontario Forestry Centre, Sault

- Pest Management Methods Network (Ontario Forestry Centre, Sault
Ste. Marie)

- Tree Biotechnology & Advanced Genetics Network (Laurentian Forestry
Centre, Sainte-Foy)

- Socio-economics Research Network (Northern Forestry Centre,