Northern Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

Data Center Description

Canadians value their forests for many reasons: jobs, habitat,
recreation, and cultural heritage. They want the best possible balance
of protection and wise use of this resource, which covers nearly half
the nation and makes up 10 per cent of all the earth's forests.

The Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada is helping
Canadiansfind that balance. As the federal agency responsible for
forest research and development, its mandate is to promote the
sustainable management and competitiveness of Canada's forests for all
users, both now and in the future.

Its researchers use up-to-date science and technology from many fields
to improve understanding of the forest and to develop methods and
technologies that will make a real difference in the way forests are

The activities of the Canadian Forest Service in Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories are directed
from the Northern Forestry Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, with
assistance from offices inPrince Albert, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg,

A sector of the Department of Natural Resources, the Canadian Forest
Serviceconsists of five research centres and headquarters in Ottawa,

Northern Foresty Centre Research Programs:

Forest Protection and Environment - The Forest Protection and
Environment program is concerned with identifying and assessing
factors that impact on forest ecosystems and examining ways to lessen
their effects.

Forest Resources - The Forest Resources program emphasizes the
development of applied research products (including decision-support
systems) to promote integrated resource management and sustainable
forestry practices.

Regional Development - Coordinating the activities of four
federal-provincial/territorial forestry agreements is a major focus of
the Regional Development program, which also manages the offices in
Prince Albert and Winnipeg.