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Data Center Description

As Canada's leading supplier of aeronautical information, the
Aeronautical and Technical Services group is committed to providing
the highest quality products and services to its customers.

For over 70 years, Canadians have been relying on Aeronautical and
Technical Services to supply reliable and accurate aeronautical info
rmation. Thousands of civilian and military pilots, air traffic
controllers , government planners, and domestic and foreign airlines
use our information daily. Applications for this information are
diverse, and include:

*Enroute Navigation
*Flight Planning
*Air Traffic Control
*Pilot Training
*Search and ResLocated in Ottawa, Ontario, aeronautical product
specialists work together to publish a complete line of charts and
*Military Operations
*Recreational Aviation

Data base managers maintain the CANAC data base by processing Flight
Inform ation Amendments (FIA) from the Department of National Defence,
Transport Canada and NAV CANADA. The FIAs contain amendments to
Canadas air navigation infrastructure and are used in combination
with other sources to revise and update aeronautical charts and

Team members, with expertise in the areas of aeronautical publishing,
mapping and cartography, generate IFR and VFR charts and
publications. Technical support is provided by a core team of
engineers whose responsibility it is to assist the production areas as
well as to develop improved production procedures.

Aviation safety is our primary concern. Quality assurance is a major
focus of the Aeronautical and Technical Services, where a team of
specialists oversees a comprehensive quality assurance program - Your
assurance of obtaining the most complete and accurate Canadian
aeronautical information.

The aviation industry faces new challenges. Industry trends are being
monitored and investments made into the research and development of
new and innovative products to meet the changing needs of our