The Arizona Meteorological Network, Soils, Water and Environmental Science Department, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona

Data Center Description
The Arizona Meteorological Network (AZMET) provides meteorological data and
weather-based information to agricultural and horticultural interests operating
in southern and central Arizona. Meteorological data is collected from a
network of automated weather stations located in both rural and urban
production settings. Meteorological data collected by AZMET include temperature
(air and soil), humidity, solar radiation, wind (speed and direction), and
precipitation. AZMET also provides a variety of computed variables, including
heat units (degree-days), chill hours, and reference crop evapotranspiration
(ETo). AZMET data are summarized in a variety of formats, including several
ready-to-use summaries that use English units, and comma-delimited ASCII text
files that can be imported into most database and spreadsheet programs. Special
reports generated by AZMET include the Phoenix Area Turf Water Use Report and
Weekly Cotton Advisories (generated Mondays from February through August).


[Summary provided by the University of Arizona.]

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