Earthquake Hazards Program, Geological Division, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior

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The Earthquake Hazards Program is a part of their effort to reduce earthquake
hazards in the United States. The USGS estimates that several million
earthquakes happen in the world each year, but many go undetected because they
occur in remote areas. The USGS has plans to improve its earthquake monitoring
and reporting systems.

The USGS is recently able to locate about 50 earthquakes each day; 20,000 a
year. Earthquakes pose significant risk to 75 million Americans in 39 States.
Citizens, emergency responders, and engineers depend on the USGS for accuracy
and timely earthquake information regarding its location.

The four Goals of the NEHRP are to:

-Develop effective practices and policies for earthquake loss-reduction and
accelerate their implementation

-Improve techniques to reduce seismic vulnerability of facilities and systems
Improve seismic hazards identification and risk-assessment methods and their

-Improve the understanding of earthquakes and their effects


[Summary provided by the USGS.]

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