Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

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The Department develops and implements national policies and programs to
support the agriculture and agri-food sector in a manner that assures a
dependable supply of safe, nutritious food at reasonable prices to consumers,
with equitable returns to producers and processors. In addition, the Department
participates in the development and implementation of federal policies and
programs in the areas of socio-economic development, emergency response and
international relations.

The Department meets its responsibilities through the Agri-Food Program, which
is implemented in cooperation with the provincial governments, national and
international agricultural organizations, universities, etc. The Department
consults actively with its client groups including producers, processors,
distributors, vendors and consumers of agricultural and agri-food products.
Other federal departments with which elements of the Agri-Food Program work
include Environment Canada, Health Canada, the Department of Foreign Affairs
and International Trade, Natural Resources Canada and Revenue Canada.

The Agri-Food Program includes the following activities:

A. Agricultural Research and Development
Objective: to improve the long-term competitiveness of the Canadian agri-food
sector through the development and transfer of innovative technologies.
Responsibility: Research Branch

B. Policy and Farm Economic Programs
Objective: to create a policy environment which improves the sector's ability
to compete and adapt to change, and to deliver income stabilization programs
consistent with these goals. Responsibility: Policy Branch

C. Market and Industry Services
Objective: to provide programs and services to assist the Canadian agri-food
industry to maintain and enhance its productivity, global competitiveness and
marketability in order to increase the sector's share of both the domestic and
international markets for agriculture and agri-food products. Responsibility:
Market and Industry Services Branch

D. Rural Prairie Rehabilitation, Sustainability and Development
Objective: to encourage conservation and development of the soil and water
resource base and to pursue opportunities for greater economic security of the
agri-food sector in the Prairie provinces. Responsibility: Prairie Farm
Rehabilitation Administration

E. Corporate Management and Services
Objective: to provide leadership, direction, management advice and support
services to departmental managers in managing their human, financial and
physical resources in the most efficient and effective manner for the
achievement of departmental objectives. Responsibility: Review Branch, Human
Resources Branch, Corporate Services Branch, Communications Branch and Rural

[Extracted from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Home Page]

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