Environmental Science, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, University of California, Riverside

Data Center Description
Research interests at the University of California Riverside Department of
Environmental Sciences are diverse. Topics of current research include:
physical chemistry of soils, geological and environmental chemistry of trace
elements, theories of solute transport, stochastic characterization of soil
physical and transport properties, reactions and transport of organic chemicals
and pathogens, microbial degradation of xenobiotic chemicals, fate of
recombinant bacteria in soils, molecular biology of catabolic pathways, soil
enzymes, genesis of desert and wildland soils, soil mineral weathering and
transformations, effect of native vegetation on soil development, computer
modeling of soil-rhizosphere interactions, soil salinity, irrigation water
management, land treatment of wastes, acid deposition, and detoxification of
selenium contaminated soils. Soil salinity and reclamation research is
frequently conducted in cooperation with adjunct faculty members from the U.S.
Salinity Laboratory.

Website: http://envisci.ucr.edu/

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URL: http://envisci.ucr.edu/