Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada

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The Meteorological Service of Canada is Canada's source for meteorological
information. The Service monitors water quantities, provides information
and conducts research on climate, atmospheric science, air quality, ice
and other environmental issues, making it an important source of expertise
in these areas.

On January 7, 2000, Environment Canada announced that all its activities
relating to weather forecasts and warnings, the national water survey,
the ice service and the science of meteorology, climate and air quality
will now be organized under the program name;Meteorological Service
of Canada; (MSC)/Service Meteorologique du Canada
(SMC). MSC is the new name for the Atmospheric Environment Service and
Program of Environment Canada.

This name was chosen because it encompasses all the work of the Service and
Program no matter the location in Canada: meteorology is the science of
weather, climate, the atmosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere.
MSC will continue to deliver high quality services to Canadians.
Weather forecasting by MSC provides the basis for all forecasts in Canada,
and MSC staff are the official voice of weather advisories and warnings.
Long-range forecasting and climate modeling are also included in MSC services,
along with leading-edge research on climate, air quality and atmospheric
trends, monitoring of water resources and ice forecasting for Canada's
marine activities as well as commercial weather services for a variety of
major government and private sector clients.

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* Atmospheric Environment Prediction
* Atmospheric and Climate Science
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