Department of Crop Sciences, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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The goals of the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign are:

1. Develop and deliver educational programs for undergraduate and graduate
students that allow them to become well-educated, highly skilled, and creative
individuals with the potential to be national and international leaders.

2. Advance and document the frontiers of plant sciences and applicable
disciplines to improve the quality and quantity of plants and their products,
including food, feed, fuel, and fiber production.

3. Develop and enhance plant production systems that integrate pest and
other management practices while protecting the environment.

4. Demonstrate and communicate the results of research, provide educational
programs to Illinois citizens, and extend the application of scientifically
sound principles to agriculture.

5. Develop programs to understand the impact of agricultural practices on
the environment and the impact of the environment on agriculture.

To achieve this mission, the Department has established the following

1. Discover, formulate and demonstrate new principles of crop improvement
and soil-crop management so that Illinois agriculture is socially viable,
profitable for the farmer, and competitive on world markets. In other words:
Improve field crops and soil-crop management

2. Discover, formulate, and demonstrate new principles for prevention and
management of diseases, insects, and weeds affecting field, specialty food, and
amenity crops. In other words:
Develop disease, insect, and weed management strategies for crops

3. Evaluate and preserve for future generations genetic marker stocks of
corn and soybean and an agriculturally useful and genetically diverse
collection of germplasm of major Illinois field crops. In other words:
Evaluate and preserve crop germplasm

4. Identify agriculturally useful genes in wild or little-used plant species
and develop techniques to use those genes to enhance the nutritional quality,
pest-resistance, stress tolerance, and commercial potential of Illinois field,
specialty food, and amenity crops. In other words:
Discover useful genes from new or unique sources to improve crops

5. Conduct fundamental research to discover new knowledge and advance the
frontiers of the crop and pest management sciences. In other words:
Advance frontiers of crop and pest management sciences

6. Develop and deliver research results in the environmental sciences to
improve agricultural profitability while decreasing adverse impacts on the
environment, both local and global. In other words:
Protect the environment


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