Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii

Data Center Description
The University of Hawaii Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
(JIMAR) has been concentrated in six areas, chosen with the approval of JIMAR's
Advisory Board. The themes are: tsunamis and other long period ocean waves,
climate, equatorial oceanography, fisheries oceanography, tropical meteorology
and coastal research. Each of these themes continue to be of major scientific,
economic, and social importance and each has readily identifiable participants
from both parent institutions. Specific topics under these themes include:

1. Tsunamis (and other long period ocean waves)

a. Archive of Rapidly-Sampled Hawaiian Sea Level
b. Infra-gravity Wave Studies
c. Laboratory and Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Run-up
d. Field Analysis of Current and Historical Tsunamis

2. Climate

a. Asia-Pacific Climate Research
b. Ocean Observations Research and Development
c. ENSO Dynamics
d. Dynamics and Predictability of the Coupled System
e. Modeling on Decadal and Larger Time Scales
f. Regional ENSO Applications
g. Analysis and Maintenance of a Long Ocean Time Series
h. Analysis of JASMINE Results

3. Equatorial Oceanography

a. Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP)
b. Hawaiian Ocean Mixing Experiment (HOME)
c. UH Sea Level Center

4. Fisheries Oceanography

a. Island-flow interactions and recruitment
b. North Pacific transition zone oceanography
c. Remote sensing applications to fisheries
d. Protected species research
e. Fisheries habitat research
f. Pacific pelagic fisheries program

5. Tropical Meteorology

a. Medium- to- short range weather prediction
b. GPS Applications
c. Regional modeling
d. Hurricane structure and intensity
e. Outreach Activities

6. Coastal Research

a. Center for Coastal Research
b. Coral Reef Research


[Summary provided by the University of Hawaii.]

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