Meteorology Department, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii

Data Center Description
The University of Hawaii Department of Meteorology focuses its research on
ropical meteorology and, in particular, on the meteorology of the Pacific and
Indian Oceans and of Asia. We are studying:

1. On the large (macro), the role of the Asian summer monsoon in worldwide
weather and the massive El NiŅo cycles of the Pacific Ocean.

2. On the medium (synoptic) scale, typhoons and the way they interact with
their environment, interactions between mid-latitude weather systems and the

3. On the smaller medium (meso) scale, local pollution, local winds, severe
storms and properties of cloud ensembles.

4. On the small (micro) scale, physics and chemistry of individual clouds
and associated rainfall fluctuations.

The studies overlap as well as the techniques we use -- synoptic and weather
satellite analysis, numerical models, detailed field measurements, statistics.

Research is funded by various federal agencies. Most of the projects support
undergraduates as well as incorporating positions for graduate research

We are careful to undertake only academically-suitable research projects--those
which include good thesis topics and financial support for undergraduates and
graduates. Projects which might require faculty to be off campus for a month or
more during the academic year are avoided.


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