Canadian Global Emissions Interpretation Centre, Canadian ORTECH Environmental Inc.

Data Center Description
The Canadian Global Emissions Interpretation Centre (CGEIC), has been
established by Environment Canada jointly with Canadian ORTECH
Environmental in order to serve both the national and international
scientific and policy-making communities. The primary purpose of CGEIC
is to provide emissions inventory input for a variety of modelling

CGEIC is a comprehensive emissions inventory service, available
to the scientific, industrial and policy-making communities. The primary
purpose of the Centre is to provide input data for mathematical models, such
as those being used to link sources to receptors, and to evaluate strategies
to minimize the impact of atmospheric pollutants. Canada is concerned about
a variety of atmospheric issues, including global warming, acid deposition,
tropospheric ozone and air toxics, all of which require emission inventory
data for input into urban, regional and global scale models. In the case
of air toxics, there is considerable evidence that persistent organic
pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals (HMs) circulate globally and accumulate in
areas extending from the Great Lakes Basin to the Canadian High Arctic.
Establishing the sources of pollutants and their emissions are first steps
towards reducing their levels in the environment. The analysis of emission
trends is also important in developing ways to manage such chemicals more

The preparation of global emissions inventories for models and other
applications requires international cooperation in the exchange of data.
In some instances, the assembly, quality assurance and processing of this
information can take many months, or even years. One of the missions of
CGEIC is to greatly shorten the period between the identification of the
need for specific emissions data and their delivery.

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