Antarctic Drilling Program, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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ANDRILL (Antarctic Drilling) is a multinational initiative to investigate
Antarctica's role in Cenozoic-Recent global environmental change through
stratigraphic drilling for Antarctic climatic, volcanic and tectonic history.

The structure of the ANDRILL Program comprises several Portfolios of future
scientific drilling around the Antarctic margin. The first Portfolio, the
McMurdo Sound Portfolio, proposes to recover drillcore in and around McMurdo
Sound during several Projects ("Legs"), two of which have been reviewed and
supported, which target different science objectives and stratigraphic
intervals at one or more sites.

The ANDRILL program must address unique logistical and drilling requirements to
achieve its science goals. An Operations Management Group has been established
to attend to these technical demands. Antartica New Zealand, The ANDRILL
Project Operator, and Webster Drilling and Exploration, Ltd., are currently
building new drilling tools based on proven technology that was employed during
the CRP. The new ANDRILL drilling system will have the potential for: (1) high
percentage core recovery, (2) recovery of strata to a depth of 1000 m below
sea-floor, (3) recovery of sediment from an ice-shelf platform, (4) a drilling
rate 2-3 times faster than the CRP, and (5) recovery of soft sediment.


[Summary provided by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.]

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