WEBCOAST, Center for Coastal Ocean Observation and Analysis, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, Univ. of New Hampshire

Data Center Description
The Coastal Observing Center was established in 2002 as part of NOAA?s Coastal
Observation Technology System (COTS). It is now one of sixteen COTS projects.
The UNH Center is working to develop and implement an observing system for
monitoring the Western Gulf of Maine ecosystem. Our goal is to implement an
end-to-end system with the capability to detect, model, and ultimately forecast
changes in the ecosystem.

This Center is developing new and efficient methods to acquire, manage and
distribute data. Data are analyzed and synthesized to generate new information,
and information products are being designed to meet the needs of stakeholders.

The Coastal Observing Center draws upon the talents of UNH scientists with
expertise related to coastal observing and analysis. GoMOOS had established an
array of 10 buoys in 2001 that provided real-time observations of the physical
environment (currents, temperature, winds). While such measurements are
essential to an ecosystem-monitoring program, there was a need to develop new
methodologies, models and analyses that pertain directly to the ecosystem.

Website: http://webcoast.sr.unh.edu

[Summary provided by the University of New Hampshire.]

Data Center URL
URL: http://webcoast.sr.unh.edu