Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin

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The University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) is known
internationally as a leading academic research group in geology and geophysics.
Founded in 1972, UTIG is an Organized Research Unit within the University of
Texas system, operating under the auspices of the flagship campus's College of
Natural Sciences in Austin.

UTIG research activities are carried out all over the world and include
large-scale, multi-investigator, multi-institutional field programs. The
importance of geophysical measurements and of their mathematical interpretation
in the exploration for petroleum and economically useful minerals has also led
to valuable partnerships between UTIG and industry. The Institute for
Geophysics presently hosts 28 research scientists, two post-doctoral fellows,
and two emeritus professors. The support staff includes engineers, systems
analysts, technicians, and administrative personnel.

UTIG strives to conduct research that expands the frontiers of knowledge in
Earth science, has societal and economic relevance, and is of human interest.
Dedicated to basic and applied research alike, the Institute aims to enhance
humanity's fundamental understanding of the dynamic geophysical processes that
have influenced and continue to influence Earth's structure and climate.


[Summary provided by the University of Texas.]

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