Seismic Data Center, Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin

Data Center Description
The purpose of the University of Texas at Austin Seismic Data Center rganize
seismic reflection/refraction data into a modern relational database management
system accessible through the Internet. The system is designed principally for
academic scientific use. Users include scientists, research staff and students
from around the world that have high bandwidth Internet access. The web site
provides access to metadata, SEG-Y files, navigation files, seismic profile
images, processing histories and more. The main features of the web site
include a geographic search engine, a metadata search engine, and metadata
pages for the cruises. The databasing process includes using Excel files to
enter and update metadata, which are uploaded into mySQL, a public-domain SQL
server, and then PHP scripts query the metadata and directories, creating web
pages, displaying images, and providing ftp links.


[Summary provided by the University of Texas.]

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