Department of Geography, University of Zurich Switzerland

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The Department of Geography, University of Zurich, belongs to the Faculty of
Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche
Fakultat). It is the largest Geography Department in Switzerland and offers a
wide range of teaching and research facilities. It is divided into six

-Physical Geography
-Human Geography
-Economic Geography
-Remote Sensing Laboratories
-Geographic Information Analysis
-Geographic Information Systems

The heads of the divisions form the executive council which elects a managing
director with a four year term of office. Beside the executive council the
department has two advisory boards: the administrative board made up from
senior staff members and the departmental forum with representatives from all
levels including the students. Attached to the managing director are the
administration staff and the student-advisory board. The Teacher-Training
section Secondary Level 1 is currently attached to the chair of the Physical
Geography Division. Other staff functions such as laboratories, library,
video-library, graphics and electronic data-processing are allocated to
individual divisions. The geography students are organized in a students

The department co-operates with the universities of Bochum, Grenoble,
Sheffield, Turku, Verona and Zaragoza on the European Exchange Program ERASMUS
/ SOCRATES. Other examples are the Inter-University Partnership for Earth
Observation and Geoinformatics together with the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology (ETH) in Zurich. With the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate
Science of the Federal Institute of Technology (situated at the Irchel Campus)
exists close co-operation, especially in the field of teaching.

The Institute has a large library, a consulting and information centre for
students and several labs for radio carbon dating, soil chemistry analysis,
remote sensing image analysis, computer cartography, landscape visualization


[Summary provided by the University of Zurich Switzerland.]

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