Centro Nacional de Datos Antarticos, Instituto Antartico Chileno, Chile

Data Center Description
From 1993 on, the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), initiated the
implementation of activities designed to create a National Center of Antarctic
Data (CENDA) with the intent of satisfying the requirements for management of
scientific, legal, logistical, environmental information related to the
activities which the country is developing in the Antarctic continent,
providing both centralized and efficient access to the already mentioned

The structure planned for CENDA is based on the group of systems whose function
is to administer and provide the functionality required for specific data
collections and whose organizational.

At this time, the necessary computational infrastructure - equipment and
programs were already installed to support the construction of the various
specified systems, and two of the three stages planned in the development of
Antarctic Scientific Data System (SIDCA) have been completed.

This system is that which will initiate the implementation of CENDA and in this
document are given its principal design and functionality characteristics.

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.inach.cl/